I'm Grant – a designer, teacher, performer, and insatiable learner. You'll find me in Washington state where I work as a freelance web designer (I'm open for hire!) and try to be a good dad.

I eat and breath learning, collaboration, web design, digital marketing, productivity, effective technology use, and working with youth.

Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to hear from you.

– Grant

Web Design

My most recent day job was to make the Harold B. Lee Library's website as awesome as possible. Check it out let me know what you think.

Harold B. Lee Library


Despite my geekiness, I'm not an introvert. Nothing gets me more excited than teaching and working with people! Here's a taste of my teaching ability.


I love the stage and bringing joy to an audience through word, song, and... well... rhythm! See what I mean in this video. Visit YouTube for more.